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About us

The Oman Cricket Academy is based in Al Amerat, Muscat. The academy provides professional and innovative coaching for all ages and levels of ability. Our qualified and experienced coaches will ensure that every session is structured, productive and most importantly enjoyable. Like any sport it is important for cricket players to have a cricket training programme that not only works on the skills of the game but also on strategy, tactics and physical conditioning. A good cricket training program will allow players to be in the best condition possible for the matches and season ahead. As coaches we often get approached by cricketers / parents at the beginning of a cricket season, or worse so, in the middle of a season for “quick fix” coaching sessions. To be successful and to gain a competitive edge over other players, it is vital to follow an ongoing program that keeps a player involved throughout the year, and this is exactly what we can offer at the Oman Cricket Academy.

Our Vision

The Oman Cricket Academy wants to make cricket a sport enjoyed by all young Omani residents, regardless of culture, race or socio-economic background.


  • To provide excellent opportunities for cricketers in an environment where they can develop new skills

  • To ensure that every cricketer enjoys all the personal, social and health benefits that sport and exercise provides

  • To instil in every developing cricket player the spirit of the game

  • To prepare every young cricketer not just to succeed in cricket but also in life


The Oman Cricket Academy offers various coaching options to suite cricket players of all ages, gender and levels of ability.


Group coaching is focused at helping cricketers develop by working on various technical aspects of their game and testing their new skills against other cricketers. Groups will consist of cricketers of roughly the same age and level of ability. Group coaching is a great way for the cricketers to develop their own game while interacting with other cricketers. The structure of the groups will be:

Max 10 players per session


  • We will ensure that all cricketers get the most out of their training session through professional and dedicated coaching

  • We will strive to Improve the standard of cricket at the school

  • Provide cricketers with a positive learning experience

  • Unlock and develop potential talent at the school

  • We will help cricketers with game plans and make sure that they practice the basics while having fun at the same time.

  • We coach all facets of the game e.g. batting, bowling and fielding.

  • Establish a good relationship with other coaches at the school to ensure continued improvement through all the age groups

  • Help develop team cohesion

  • Assist with role identification within the team

Up to 15 x players per session


Private coaching is important and forms a crucial step in every cricket players’ development. Every lesson is designed to cater for the individuals cricketing needs and is without doubt the best way to correct specific technical flaws and learn new skills.

One player per session


Evert Laubscher
  • Born and grew up in South Africa

  • Captained the Northern Titans academy team

  • Qualified Cricket South Africa (CSA) level 3 coach

  • Registered Biokineticist

  • He has also worked as the Strength and Conditioning coach of the Bangladesh national cricket academy as well as the Uganda national team

  • Current Oman national team trainer

  • Oman Cricket Academy manager

Parviz Al Bulushi
  • Parviz has been the coach of the Oman national u/16 and u/19 teams since 2008

  • He has more than 13 years coaching experience

  • Parviz is an ACC Level 2 qualified coach

  • Winning 3 tournaments during this time

Mazher Saleem Khan
  • Mazher is a ACC(Asian Cricket Council) Level 3 coach

  • He has represented Oman as a national player

  • He has been the Assistant coach to the Oman national cricket team for the past 14 years

  • One of his proudest accomplishments was being the Assistant coach to the national team during the ICC T20 world cup in 2016

Zeeshan Siddiqui
  • Zeeshan is an ex Oman national team player

  • He played for the national team on more than 100 occasions as a right handed batsman and right arm leg spin bowler

  • He was a member of the national team at the ICC T20 world cup in 2016

  • Zeeshan is an ACC(Asian Cricket Council) Level 1 coach

  • He is the current Video Analyst for the Oman national team

Sean Nowak
Treatment and Rehabilitation

All players who are registered members of the Oman cricket academy will have access to physiotherapy services provided by Sean Nowak (Oman national team physiotherapist). These services will be free of charge when the player can provide a legitimate referral letter from a registered medical practitioner.

Desmond Berhardt
  • Desmond is an ACC (Asian cricket council) Level 3 qualified coach.

  • He is also an ICC level 1 coach’s educator

  • He has been an integral part of the Oman Ladies national team coaching staff

  • Desmond was also the head coach of the Oman u16 boys team

Aamir Kaleem
  • Aamir is a current Oman National team Player.

  • He has represented Oman since 2010 as a Left handed middle order batsman & slow left arm spin bowler.

  • He has played 33 T20 international matches for the national team, including the ICC T20 World Cup in India 2016 as a Vice Captain.

  • Aamir has also played 3 ODI matches for Oman.

  • Aamir is an ACC ( Asian Cricket Council ) Level 1 Coach who has also worked with the Oman women's team.

  • He is currently in the process of obtaining his CoachEd Accreditation certificate.



Individual session

(One on one for 45 min)
1 session OMR 10.5 (45 min)
1 month OMR 42 (4 sessions)
Registration fee N/A

U/9 and U/11 Group Academy session

(Max 10 players per coach for 60 min)
1 month OMR 21 (8 sessions)
3 Month advance rate OMR 57.25
6 Month advance rate OMR 110.25
12 Month advance rate OMR 210
Registration fee OMR 10

U/13, U/16, U/19 and Senior Group Academy session

(Max 10 players per coach for 120 min)
1 month OMR 31.5 (8 sessions)
3 Month advance rate OMR 89.25
6 Month advance rate OMR 173.25
12 Month advance rate OMR 315
Registration fee OMR 10

Team Academy session

(up to 15 players for 120 min)
1 session OMR 31.5 for team
1 month OMR 210 for team (8 sessions)
Registration fee N/A

SESSION STRUCTURE 2022(Effective from 11 September 2022)

Age group Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
U/9 6:00pm to 7:00pm 6:00pm to 7:00pm 8:00am to 9:00am
U/11 6:00pm to 7:00pm 6:00pm to 7:00pm 8:00am to 9:00am
U/13 6pm to 7:30pm 6pm to 7:30pm 8:00am to 9:00am
U/16 7:00pm to 9:00pm 7:00pm to 9:00pm 9:00am to 10:30am
U/19 and Senior 7:30pm to 9:30pm 7:30pm to 9:30pm 9:00am to 10:30am

Office & Ground Address

Office Address

Oman Cricket Academy

Building No-7000/1, Way No. 2690, Al Amerat, Sultanate of Oman


P.O. Box 3948, Ruwi – 112, Sultanate of Oman

Phone: +968 24970018 or +968 24970331

Mobile: +968 91924529

Email: academy@omancricket.org